Is your loved one struggling with illness? Or have you lost someone close to you? We understand how emotional a time it is for you, and how difficult it can be to move forward. Some try to be stoic, while others feel helpless and unable to accept the change in their life. Don’t worry, it’s natural.

The process of grieving is important and each person must learn how to come to terms with the loss. Taking the proper time to grieve is difficult when we still have demanding responsibilities — family, financial, employment.

Through non-judgemental support, a bereavement counselor helps you address your grief with coping mechanisms. In time, the bereavement counseling helps you come to terms with the loss and build a healthy path for you to follow.

Looking for direction?

We help people who would benefit from one-on-one grief counseling and support. Our select network of counselors are fully licensed professionals with expertise to help you and your family. They are carefully chosen for their practical, active approach to counseling.

People are matched with counselors based on their individual needs. Our counselors are located in the greater Somerset/Hunterdon County, NJ area. Appointments are available at times that fit your schedule.