The Secret Sauce to a better you is Spiritual Well Being.

Posted on Jun 4, 2013

The three-legged stool that keeps us fully alive and present to life as human beings are: being connected to self, being connected to others, and being connected to God or Spirit. If one of the stool’s legs is loose, the stool is wobbly. As human beings we often times tend to lean towards building one aspect of our lives while neglecting other vital sources and parts of ourselves. Spiritual well-being is a pinnacle to a better you and is truly all encompassing.

Often times people avoid being fully connected to themselves, others, and to God/Spirit/Life in predictable and automatic ways. Avoiding connection with any of these three are often a protection or shield against perceived, often fictitious danger. The following are the ways in which people may disconnect and the impact it creates in their lives:

Laura Cabral, Life Coach and Licensed Social Worker

Laura Cabral
Life Coach and Licensed Social Worker

  1. When people are connected to themselves but not to God or others, they live protected, isolated, and disconnected, and also very safe from perceived danger of “being hurt” by God or others.
  2. When people are connected to others but lack connection to themselves or the Divine, they often times give up their energy and power to others and are left feeling depleted and unfulfilled. This may be another strategy to keep safe from being fully present.
  3. When people are connected to the Divine solely, while disconnecting from others or themselves they often times use the Divine as a protective shield against others, leaving them isolated from themselves and others.

As a practice, I suggest to my clients that they create a connection to all three and in turn each will be a source and catalyst to fulfillment and purpose after a while. As we plug into the Divine, we are able to connect to others more abundantly and willingly, which in turn has us connect to ourselves from a deeper place of service, love, and connection. When one can empower and build on strengthening our connection to ourselves as our highest and best, creating strong healthy relationships that fortify us, and building and growing a spiritual connection to the Divine can we be our highest and best and feel the love all around us.

Peace and Joy,

Laura Cabral
Life Coach and Licensed Social Worker