Reach your goals for 2013: There’s still time!

Posted on Dec 3, 2013

Ever wonder what makes people successful while other folks who are just as talented, just as smart, and just as willing cannot seem to move forward on their dreams?  What makes those people different?  If you set out goals for 2013 and have not achieved them, it’s not too late to get started!

Read on to find out how you can get into action immediately.

Laura Cabral, LCSW, Life Coach and Psychotherapist

Laura Cabral, LCSW
Life Coach and Psychotherapist

  1. If you think it, it will be.  Our minds are a wonderful and dangerous place.  What you think shall be.  So consider that circumstances don’t determine our thoughts and beliefs, but that our thoughts and beliefs determine our circumstances.  Whatever you think you are….you are.  Whatever you think you’re capable of or not, you are.  Your perception of yourself and the world becomes your reality.
  2. I often work with people who have goals but are not clear as to what it is that they want to achieve.  If you fall into this category; hire someone to help you figure it out.  Sometimes we are so stuck in our bubble of despair that we can hardly see two inches in front of us.  Sometimes it takes another trusted, reliable person to draw it out of us.
  3. Once your figure out your goal, the next step is to create and write down (very important to write it down) an action plan to do it!  And, most, most, most importantly is to attach a time frame to your goal.  On average people will do 80% of the work in the last 20% of the time before a deadline.  Deadlines are the key to getting stuff done.  Otherwise, it will turn into wishful thinking.
  4. This step is where a lot of people get stuck or scared.  The next part is simply to do!  A lot of people are capable of creating goals and plans, but it is the special few who actually follow through and move through the steps to get there.  No one’s saying this part is either hard or easy, it simply is the law of gravity, you must get into action to achieve what you want.  Maybe in the future we can invent some sort of way to manifest stuff by simply wishing it, but until then, you must take action.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat.  The next step is to take action, stop, evaluate and re-organize the action plan.  The action plan needs constant review and readjustment to assure success.

The secret to success is goal planning, taking action, evaluating, and repeating.

What would you like to achieve by the end of 2013?

Peace and Grace
Laura Cabral, LCSW
Life Coach and Psychotherapist